The building intended to cover the need for office and teaching space of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) at Peter Jordan Strasse 82 was to be designed as a timber construction at the express request of BOKU and should also feature special qualities in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability

Extract from the jury's report: "The project is distinguished by its functional aspects, in particular by the fact that the existing axes, pathways and zonings of the Schwackhöferhaus have been integrated and allow for an easy orientation in the new building. The arrangement of the seminar rooms on the lower floors is evaluated positively. In this way, a calming effect is created on the vertical axis in the upper areas of the building. The small meeting areas are perceived as providing a pleasant environment and atmosphere inviting to people to stay in the building. The different room heights on the floors allow for a better use of space with relatively little construction volume. The larger, lower floors constructed in a transparent, light-flooded design are positively discussed for adding an extra, friendly value to the building."