Elsterwerdaer Platz is to become the center and starting point of the new urban development area of Biesdorf-Süd. The urban densification with buildings for commerce, services and housing will be interspersed with a green belt stretching from Lake Biesdorf in the west to the river Wuhle in the east. A commercial center on two levels will be an integral part of the first construction phase, shaping the center of the area. On its roofs, the apartments, each being constructed to comprise two or three levels, are arranged around a green inner courtyard.  Openings at the block's edges allow for views both onto the square and the street. In their capacity as oases in the urban periphery, the courtyards form an introverted counter-world to the spaciousness of the surroundings.
A binding catalogue on materials and colours employed guarantees a homogenous look of the façades both of commercial and residential floors. The waste heat from the commercial enterprises will be used for water heating in the apartments. The green inner courtyards, providing a certain compensation for the extensive sealing of the site, will be irrigated with unabsorbed rainwater from the green roofs.