The city centre of Bregenz is to retain its attractiveness - Leutbühel should therefore once again live up to its public function as a vivid neighbourhood square.
A continuous upgrading process will thus be initiated and subsequently implemented. A uniform appearance of the surrounding streets will form the framework for the historically grown city centre and will present itself as a generously dimensioned holistic entity. Leutbühel has the potential to position itself as an attractive and inviting hub within Bregenz's city centre. Proper structuring provides the basis for optimal traffic routing for smooth mobility.
Restraint, unobtrusiveness, and simplicity are the credo underlying this design. This ensures that square and space identity is created that are inviting people to make use of it. The suggested concept offers quality of stay and freedom of movement at the same time.
The aim here is to create a space that enhances the attractiveness of the city centre and creates a relaxing alternative to shopping centres.