The St. Joseph parish church of Essling is going to be extended, a chapel and newly constructed side rooms being added in the course of the church’s renovation. For the construction of the chapel, the connecting wing between the church’s nave and the bell tower will be torn down to its supporting framework and reconstructed using the timber girders obtained during the demolition, employing them as additional reinforcement.

The timber construction, offering not only sustainability through the re-use of old, existing material, but allowing at the same time fast erection and fitting, inclused a new chapel ceiling with light-providing gaps in the form of three daylight dormers.
In the roof above the altar an opening will be construed to allow the daylight into the room, thus developing an atmosphere of warmth and harmony, and creating an association with the old, torn down ceiling construction. Furthermore, the area around the altar will be enlarged and a new altar and ambo will be positioned along the line of sight of the chapel and the nave.