In order to really bring the "good neighbourhood" to life, it is first and foremost necessary to create apartments for different user groups so as to generate diversity. However, when it comes to make the building really come alive, in a way that it can really be felt during the day, it is important to activate the ground floor zone by ensuring a mixed use of the premises. Four types of apartments of different sizes are therefore conceived for the upper floors. On the ground floor, "Flexiflats" are planned – these are two-storey split-level units that can be used as apartments, shared flats or offices.
Each apartment disposes of at least one private open space. On the street side, primarily loggias and bay windows are designed thus taking into consideration the visibility from the neighbouring buildings. On the courtyard side, balconies which - in combination with the entrance area - break out of the building shell, thus creating specific dynamics on the façade and interaction with the open spaces in the inner courtyard. The courtyard will be cleared of the existing parking spaces and upgraded to a "green center of the neighbourhood". Children's playgrounds and multifunctional wooden containers will be made available to the residents of the entire building ensemble.