The EU Commission building complex in Brussels' European Quarter is part of the "Projet Urbain Loi", which aims to improve the urban quality of life in the Rue de la Loi neighbourhood. On a total area of 175 000 to 190 000 m², a well-balanced combination of offices for 5 250 people, restaurants, shops, childcare facilities, a visitor centre and green spaces is to be created. 
The design aims at structuring the enormous cubic volume of the building in such a way that it integrates into the small-scale structure of the existing neighbourhood. Along the central Rue de la Loi, a closed street profile is formed. The open spaces lead right into the lower-lying park of the Jardin de la Vallée de Maelbeek in the east of the building site and, together, they form a coherent green space on several levels along Rue Joseph II. This green corridor can also be experienced from the funnel-shaped ramp which, being located in the easternmost part of the complex, provides access to the visitor centre.