The concept reacts with a closed urbanistic edge to the track system of the Westbahn located in the north. Towards the south, the built-up volume dissolves into small-scale structures and forms a spatial dialogue with the residential buildings on the opposite side and the existing vegetation there. An important aspect of the urban development concept is the greatest possible preservation of the green open space and the existing stock of trees in the south.
In order to preserve the existing topography, a natural boundary is defined between the public forecourt and the open space which is situated above the ground floor and is exclusively used by the school. In the eastern area of the building site, the open space of the school was arranged, which can also be used by external parties and which will be developed barrier-free into a new green district centre.
Extract from the minutes of the jury: "The project is fundamentally convincing due to the small-scale structure and differentiated character of the elongated terraced building. The structural design of the educational areas is generally of very good quality. The plasticity of the terraced building structure on the upper floors and the materiality of the façade are judged positively."