In order to solve space shortages in schools and kindergartens quickly and economically, so-called mobile classes in a container-metal construction method have become an established solution. Their disadvantages in terms of building physics and room climate as well as their inadequate overall design are not reasonably acceptable to either children or teachers. Together with the Schertler company, the team of Schluder Architektur developed an alternative in timber construction that is not only economically competitive but also ecologically more sustainable and of higher architectural quality.

The first prototype was implemented in the course of the extension of the Prückelmayrgasse Elementary School. Four new classes were accommodated in a two-storey extension building connected to the existing building without barriers. All wall and ceiling elements were prefabricated in the factory and delivered including pre-installed insulation, windows and ductwork.

When compared with other school extension projects in steel container construction or solid construction, the timber construction method used proved to be superior in all clearly measurable factors such as construction time, energy consumption and operating costs. Even the construction costs are competitive with those of steel containers. Not measurable but certainly perceptible are the atmospheric and haptic qualities of wood and their beneficial effects on a good school climate in the truest sense of the word.