The building configuration is based on the surrounding building structures, consisting of large-volume new residential buildings in the west and the small-volume settlement structure in the east and south.
The public park in the north is conceptually integrated into the open space design of the school. A ribbon of trees stretches across the entire property thus integrating the school building into a naturally designed school landscape. The ground floor and the first floor are connected with each other through landscaped greened areas, some of which are equipped with playground equipment.

The main building will have four storeys and be aligned in a north-south axis, thus running parallel to the residential buildings in the west and defining with them a portal to the new residential quarter. The single-storey gym wing forms a right angle to the main building , thus closing the urban edge to Grundäckergasse on the one hand and creating a protected schoolyard on the other hand, which connects to the northern open spaces of the neighbouring property.  The school building is accessed via two entrances - a central main entrance on the forecourt and a side entrance via the car-free path coming from the residential quarter. A separate, autonomous, and barrier-free access for external users is located on the southern side of the building right next to the main entrance. Two central staircases provide vertical access to the school building. The second floor houses two clusters each as well as the departmental rooms of the creative section. This functional arrangement is based on the idea of being able to integrate the departmental rooms into the respective clusters in the event that the school needs to be adapted or extended. Each cluster also includes a free classroom assigned to it in the form of balconies or terraces as an extension of the multifunctional areas inside.

Extract from the jury’s report:
"The jury positively perceives that through the sensitive building development, including the elevation of the open space, the building site is handled with great care. ... The orientation of the building structure with regard to the east-west oriented educational areas is seen as a special quality. The functionality of the interior can be clearly seen from the outside. The inner development is logical, self-guiding and intuitively understandable."