Located at the most north-western and thus highest point of the Biotope City on the former Coca-Cola grounds, the school with its green space concept reflects the guiding theme of the quarter.
The location and layout of the building site on a "residual area" behind the existing automobile company and the idea of a mixed-use urban pedestal zone formulated in the master plan for the quarter have supplied the decisive parameters for the urban development setting of the school building. An L-shaped pedestal zone arranged around the neighbouring existing building accommodates those facilities used by the entire school community, including two gyms, which can also be used by external associations or groups beyond school hours. In the four-storey structure built on top of it in the form of an elongated polyhedron, four educational rooms (classrooms) are combined into a cluster on the eastern long side along a multifunctional area that can be used in variable ways and across classes. In keeping with the philosophy of the internationally recognised Reggio pedagogy, which attaches great importance to the design of the space as a support for the work of the pedagogues, emphasis was particularly placed on spaces that encourage activity and on numerous spatial and visual relationships not only within the building but also between the school and the surrounding city. The excellent visibility of the various learning and recreation rooms not only makes it easier for the teachers to supervise the children while they work and play in small groups at different locations, but the fact that they can be seen also has a motivating effect on the children. In the "cluster facades" with integrated shelves and benches, oriented towards the central multifunctional room, transparent wall surfaces, which can be regulated by curtains, therefore provide visual connections between the regular classes and the common centre. Wooden floors of industrial parquet flooring create a homely atmosphere.
On the west side, a free class is assigned to each cluster. Staggered against each other floor by floor and characterised by their high ceilings, these classes and the team rooms of the teaching staff are oriented towards the open areas on the sports plateau, which is located on the roof of the building's base. On the break and retreat terrace above the main entrance and the assembly hall, a green pergola provides shade and privacy.
A staircase and tribune system connects the elevated outdoor spaces with the ground-level sports area in the north and thus also with the outdoor space designed as a green grove with numerous recreational and play areas, which surrounds the school building. The green playground in the south of the garden is arranged in such a way that it can also be quickly reached from the kindergarten on the ground floor of the neighbouring residential building.
Extract from the jury’s report: "This is a project that has been skilfully integrated into the overall urban development. ... It is not only the qualities of the open spaces in relation to the building that convinced the jury, but also the layout of the building as well as the arrangement of a logical sequence of open space, multifunctional and educational rooms in the building itself. The sensitive design of the building not only creates a spatial continuum inside and outside, but also actively usable living spaces."