Based on the pioneer project in Prückelmayrgasse (2011), also the extension of the Waldschule in Wien-Hietzing was also designed in timber construction. Advantages derive both from the construction and operating costs as well as from the more flexible reusability and with respect to the ecological balance.
The six additionally required classrooms and three group rooms were accommodated in a two-storey annex to the east and a one-storey annex to the south of the property. Both extensions were deliberately detached from the old building stock in order to avoid interfering with the building fabric of the existing school as much as possible.
By connecting the level of the existing building to the new staircase by means of stair lifts, it was possible to create a barrier-free connection to the existing school, the newly adapted cloakroom and the open space. The execution of the building as a solid wood construction made of cross-laminated timber made it possible to leave the wooden surfaces visible in the interior, thus doing justice to the name of the school by providing an atmosphere and ambiance that is characterised by the look and feel of wood