In 2004 the area behind the Vienna Secession in the green space between the academy’s courtyard and the bar/eatery was leased as an add-on to the Wein&Co branch on the Getreidemarkt. This area, to be exclusively used by Wein&Co, which also had to be separated from the Secession, was canopied by means of nine umbrellas reminiscent of small whirlwinds. In addition to the classic table and chairs, a fretwork construction of wooden slats, lit from underneath during the evening and night, serves as seating furniture. Throughout the summer the canopy, lit from within, shaped the appearance of the green island. We also made use of the already existing infrastructure of the round bar containers designed by the architect Krischanitz.
The “Secession” umbrella is produced and supplied by the company Bikatec. It can be opened and closed easily and provides shade in a dimension of 4 x 4 m. It does not only serve as protection against the sun, but also against the rain, because the water flows off inwards.