On the grounds of the German Experimental Institute of Aviation in Berlin-Adlershof, the administrative building dating from the 1930s (architects: Hermann Brenner and Werner Deutschmann), which was used by institutes of the GDR Academy of Sciences from the 1950s onwards, was adapted to be used by a state-owned development company. Between the east side entrance hall and terrace, rooms for receptions and meetings were created. Furthermore, the foyers and staircases were renovated and equipped with infrastructure for exhibition and presentation purposes.
The new elements are integrated like inserts into the existing building, which is classified as a historical monument. They complement the largely authentically preserved building without changing its original character and provide an intimate atmosphere detached from everyday office life and an appropriate setting for round table discussions in highly qualified circles.
The new lighting systems in the staircase and foyer are tailored to the requirements of both the routing and the exhibition purpose. Simple, low-cost fluorescent lamps were installed behind grid ceilings. A black mineral felt is used to combine these to a large-surface element which at the same time improves the acoustics in the sound-reflecting stairwells.