The Sport and Fun Hall's design features a simple cuboid shape, with a volume extending parallel to Lassallestraße in a north-east to south-west direction. The building, standing at around 13m high, has a greened exterior with a semi-transparent crown. The approximately 7m tall green facade, covered with vegetation, blends seamlessly with the surrounding pristine environment, which boasts a valuable tree population.
The only hint that the structure is a sports hall is offered by the semi-transparent light band. The opal polycarbonate panel light band allows natural light to enter the hall while protecting against glare. The space is primarily for recreational and sporting activities for both children and adults.
The main entrance is located on the southeast facade at the extension of Ybbsstraße and can be accessed via a public, paved pathway. The Praterstern/Lassallestraße subway station is conveniently situated adjacent to the hall and offers great access to public transportation.
The building boasts a timber structure, with 40m long on-site assembled trusses surrounding a reinforced concrete multi-level stiffening core that spans the roof structure. The exterior walls consist of large-format prefabricated panels, enabling a speedy construction process.