The subject of the planning was an extension of the ground floor area in a Wilhelminian style house in Werdertorgasse in the 1st district of Vienna with the purpose of creating office space as commissioned by the Housing Association for Private Employees (WBV-GPA).

The conversion of the ground floor area of the Wilhelminian style house with the purpose of providing new office space brought advantages to the whole building. The gutting of the inner courtyard created a new attractive open space. Enlarging the windows both on the street side and towards the courtyard brings more daylight into the offices, a small extension creates additional space.  The open entrance area to the house is designed to be bright and inviting for customers and visitors. Outside office hours it is closed, communication is then enabled by way of the new display windows. A façade refurbishment of the listed building was carried out in the course of the conversion and an enlargement of the glazed area ensured better lighting of the offices. The entrance zone is turned into a bright, open access for the public, which can be closed outside office hours, thus drawing attention to the new, large display areas of the façade.
The conversion was accompanied by a refurbishment of the façade of the Wilhelminian-style building, built in 1869, and included also the renovation of the elevator shaft.