In the course of renovation measures and improvements in building physics, the façades of two buildings in the first district and a house from the post-war period were redesigned.


Wollzeile 21-23:
In order to keep the level of incoming light as high as possible, the window reveals were bevelled in the course of installing the external thermal insulation. The angle of the bevelling varies depending on the position of the window and the respective solar radiation exposure. The new façade colour lends the house in its prominent location a new glittering elegance.

Zedlitzgasse 1-5:
Over the years, the façade has been gradually distanced from its twin neighbour in terms of its design. The new design remedies this flaw. Parapet strips of champagne-coloured, powder-coated trapezoidal sheet metal conceal existing irregularities and improve the integration of the building into the line of houses.

Kolschitzkygasse 23:
The new façade with its green and pink window reveals is integrated into the already colourful neighbourhood in a restrained manner. The balustrades on the French windows have been renewed and the light colour of the façade at the corners provides an ideal backdrop for exciting shadow plays.