• Apartment complex Elisenstraße
  • Apartment complex Elisenstraße
  • Apartment complex Elisenstraße
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Apartment complex Elisenstraße

The apartments, developed for the privately financed market, represent a mixture of 3-room apartments suited for families, and apartments with one and a half rooms, designed for single households. The side to the north, facing the street, is characterised by an unpretentious, urban design with its closed, multi-storey façade with semi-public front gardens, mirroring the atmosphere of the suburban surroundings. To the south, i.e. to the garden side, the apartments are equipped with large windows and loggias, allowing the light to flow freely into the building. On the ground floor a lobby forms the entrance to the apartment complex.

1230 Vienna
Client:   Wien Süd, Gemeinnützige Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft
Number of apartments:   13
Size of apartments:   47 – 100 m²
Pictures:   ???