The apartment complex consists of a block-shaped main building of almost 200 m length and five detached houses. The small apartments are located in the four-storey but only 6.5-meter-wide oblong main building and are accessible via an open arcade, which serves as an additional communication zone. The main building rests on an elevated platform offering an open passage under the building and therefore perfect integration into the surrounding area. The detached houses, each connected with the main building and oriented towards the Southeast, contain larger, family homes with terraces and balconies. The rooftop gardens are not assigned to specific apartments but can be rented individually and according to need.

The project is based on an integration concept. The goal is to obtain a mixture of tenants consisting of 50 percent locals and 50 percent people with migration background. Due to the large number of small, reasonably priced apartments and a high share of open spaces the integration concept can actually be translated into reality.